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Sběr dat

IMK4 UP - systém sběru dat

Intelligent data collection system from industrial measuring devices

Simple and price affordable modular system based on the interface units TOPMES IMK4-UP
TOPMES data collection system allows to transfer data from measuring instruments to the unit IMK4-UP and data server. This system is expandable via 4 USB ports, capable to connect the other measuring USB interface units TOPMES IMK.
The IMK4 UP displays all measured data on the touch screen, including the basis information as maximum and minimum measured value, out of tolerances value, actual measured value and diagram of all measured data.

IMK4 UP runs under TOPMES IMK software. The nominal data (nominal value, tolerances and other additional information) can be entered into the internal Database or imported directly from the existing Database (on Server) via LAN connection.
All measured data are stored into the IMK4 UP memory and can be exported to Server in the format of MS Excel, Q DAS SPC software or in the user defined format (on customer’s request).

IMK4 UP specifications:
• The engine of modular system, allows to connect up to 68 measuring devices via additional interface modules (units) TOPMES IMK. Connection is via 4 USB 2.0 ports
• Four direct data inputs (connectors) from measuring devices Mitutoyo and Mahr.
• 4 USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0 port
• 4 Footswitch inputs to start a measuring data transfer
• HDMI input to connect a touch screen monitor, mouse and keyboard.
• LAN connection to data server, optional wireless connection available
• Dimensions: 95x95x40 mm, weight:300g
• Power supply: 5V DC/4A

TOPMES USB interface units:
• IMK2 : 2 data  inputs from measuring instruments, 2 footswitch inputs
• IMK4:  4 data  inputs from measuring instruments, 4 footswitch inputs
• IMK8:  8 data  inputs from measuring instruments, 4+1 footswitch inputs
• IMK16:16 data inputs from measuring instruments, 4+1 footswitch inputs
All the above units can be used as independent interface USB units or as modules/members of the TOPMES data collection kit.

Two versions of IMK units now available:
• IMK-HID (human interface device): the output data format is the same as the USB keyboard input. The output data can be entered into any software, using the keyboard input (MS Word, Excel, SAP, any SPC software) 
• TMQ: the USB output as a virtual Com port, the data format is compatible to Procella, module of Q-DAS SPC software

The standard Digimatic inputs allows to connect digital measuring instruments as micrometers, calipers, dial gauges, linear scales, hardness testing devices etc.
Other measuring instruments integration: possible on customer’s request

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