To select a new device, we always consult the customer's requirements and accordingly we propose the most suitable technology for 3D measurement, all with regard to technical possibilities and the planned budget. According to these aspects, we will propose the most suitable financing conditions. We will go through the whole project with you from the very beginning to its successful completion. During your decision to purchase the appropriate technology, we pay attention to even the smallest details.


Acquisition of a refurbished device

Buying a used measuring machine from abroad can be extremely advantageous, but without detailed knowledge of the issue it can end in fiasco. TOPMES has 30 years of experience in the field of coordinate measuring technology. We know the market, we know the main manufacturers and their products, we are able to professionally assess the real technical condition of the machine, mechanics, electronics, touch probe assembly, controller and software. We can competently estimate the price of the machine. We can prepare the machine for moving, import, put into operation and provide complete support.


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