Calibration laboratory TOPMES

Accredited Calibration Laboratory TOPMES

The TOPMES calibration laboratory calibrates length gauges with a focus on coordinate measuring technology and forms an independent department within the company. The head of the calibration laboratory is Milan Zámiš, the quality manager is Mgr. Jiří Dočkal. The metrologist of the calibration laboratory is David Líska.



The TOPMES calibration laboratory is accredited by the Czech Institute for Accreditation, o.p.s. according to ČSN EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018 for calibrations of devices lengths to the extent specified in the annex to the Accreditation Certificate No. 651/2023 dated 04.12.2023.

Offer accredited calibrations of these devices:

  • Coordinate measuring machines in tactile, tactile scanning or laser scanning measuring mode.
  • 3D articulated arms in tactile and laser scanning measuring mode.
  • Measuring microscopes and profile projectors
  • Length comparators

How does it works?

Due to the nature of calibrated length gauges, calibration is always performed at the customer's workplace, ie outside the permanent laboratory premises. The calibration results are presented in the Calibration Certificate issued in electronic form in PDF format with electronic signatures. The calibration certificate is sent by e-mail to the customer's e-mail address. The calibrated meter is marked with a calibration label containing the number of the Calibration Certificate, the date of calibration and the name of the calibration technician.



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