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Do you not have the opportunity to control the quality of your products or do you have full capacity? Our control measurement center TOPMES will help you solve this problem. We have a top team of technicians with rich experience and state-of-the-art equipment. Our team is able to measure in our laboratories or at your workplace.

We have two air-conditioned measuring laboratories and many mobile measuring devices available for custom measurement of your products. A list of all measuring devices, including their equipment, can be found below.

CMM Renting

We have a wide array of CMMs, laser trackers, laser scanners, measuring arms and many other high-precision measuring instruments, which we can rent to you. Renting a modern 3D scanner, for example, can be more reasonable and more effective in terms of price than buying it. See our offer the 3D renting devices 

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Our services

3D coordinate measurement:

  • Alignment and adjustment of plant components
  • Inspection
  • On-Site measurement
  • Initial sample inspection
  • Vehicle construction
  • Process-accompanying inspection
  • Fixture measurement
  • Toolmaking
  • Inspection of large objects
  • Component measurement

Measurement Program Development:

  • Complete programming of measured components
  • Human sources supply - qualified technicians
  • Tactile, laser scanning and laser tracker measurement
  • Evaluation of measured data 
  • Statistical evaluation



List of devices

  • LK Altera S - CMM (1500x1000x800)
    - CAMIO, Focus, Polyworks Inspector software
    - probing systems (tactile): TP20, TP200, SP25M
    - scanning systems (laser scanner): LC15Dx, L100
    - machine accuracy (MPEe): 1.8 + L / 400
  • LK ULTIMA SLHA - CMM (high accuracy) (800x700x600)
    - CAMIO, Focus, Polyworks Inspector software
    - probing systems (tactile): TP20, TP200, SP25M
    - scanning systems (laser scanner): LC15Dx, L100
    - machine accuracy (MPEe): 0.7 + L / 600
  • Wenzel LH 65 - CMM (1550x650x500)
    - TouchDMIS software, Polyworks Inspector
    - probing systems (tactile): TP20, TP200
    - machine accuracy (MPEe): 2.5 + L / 350
  • Nikon MCAxS+ 3D measuring arm (range 3 meters)
    - software Polyworks Inspector, Focus
    - 7-axis, laser scanner Nikon H120
    - Accuracy (MPEe): 0.057 mm
    - Accuracy (LDIA - scanning): 0.064 mm
  • RPS EVO7 3D measuring arm (range 4 meters)
    - TouchDMIS software, Polyworks Inspector
    - 7-axis, Renishaw touch probe
    - Accuracy (MPEe): 0.079 mm
  • API Radian laser tracker (range 50 meters)
    - TouchDMIS software, Polyworks Inspector
    - ADM (Absolute-Distance-Measurement)
    - vProbe for tactile measurement
    - accuracy: from 0.015 mm

How does it works?

After sending the technical documentation in the form of a drawing or CAD data, we will perform the necessary analysis of the drawing documentation. According to this analysis, we will issue you a price calculation. We take complete care of the entire inspection process. This includes the preparation of measurements, the actual acquisition of data and their evaluation. The result of the whole process is an output protocol or other required data according to your specification. If necessary, we will explain these results in detail. We also focus on layout for production lines and their setting using 3D mobile devices.

We also offer all the listed equipment for rent including initial training of operators.

Devices for Rent

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